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Etchant Regenration system

etchant Regenration system

Features:The Regenration system is suitable for the regeneration of circuit board / metal acid etching solution.This control system uses ORP and conductivity meter,digital display, interactive, many kinds of parameters setting and operation method. Safety and stability

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Main technical parameter:
Measurement specifications: Copper concentration: 0.01~5.5g/L
Copper etching concentration: 0.01~50g/L Resolution: 0.01g/L
Technical specifications: Monitor and control the proportion of liquid, used for all kinds of industrial control.
It is used for ferric Chloride, copper chloride and Tin-lead Stripping PCB etching.
Liquid proportion control in industrial process, such as brine mixing.
It can converter every chemical concentration, such as PPM,%,Baume.
Large storage batter eletrolyte concentration monitoring.
Size: 1200*1200mm
Measure scope: A: 1.000-1.200 B: 1.150-1.350 C: 1.300-1.500
Accuracy: ±0.003 SG
Resolution: ±1 Digit
Display : 3 1/2 ,LED
Action control:HI/LO (2 points contactor )
Set points : 2
Junction Currency: 110VAC M.5A/240VAC M.3A
Power supply:110/240VAC,50/60Hz±15%