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Silk Screen Printing Machine List

  • Semi-Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine for solder mask
  • max printing area :500*700mm
    Size of printing table: 600*900mm
    max size of screen frame :700*1100mm
    Max printing speed: 1000(PCS/H)
    Printing Thickness:≤50mm
    Air pressure: 4.0~6.0 kfg/c㎡
    Rated voltage/Power :380V/50HZ /2KW
  • double running table screen printing machine for PCB
  • Model Number: GE-TSP650
  • Printing area size: W650mm*L650mm(SIZE CAN BE ORDER)
  • print thickness: 0.1~15mm
  • screen frame size: 1100*1100mm (max)
  • It is suitable for double side PCB, multiple layer PCB, PISM green ink print, lengend print, line print, monochrome and multicolor alignment printing of various film switches, FPC, pet, PC, conductive films, etc.
  • Automatic Pneumatic Screen streching machine
  • Model: JMSC120
  • Maximum netting area: 1300*1500mm
  • The minimum netting area is 1200*1000mm
  • Pull net cylinder stroke: 60*100mm
  • Working air pressure: 6KG
  • Applicable to all kinds of mesh; such as stainless steel wire mesh, polyester mesh, Japanese NBC mesh and other domestic or imported mesh;
  • semi automatic Screen streching machine
  • Model: GE-SC120
  • Maximum drawing area 1200 * 1500 (size can be specified)
  • Maximum tension:> 30N / cm
  • Dimensions: 1500 * 1200 * 850MM. (Length * Width * Height)
  • Packing specification: wooden rack packaging, L1900 * W600 * H400
  • This product is mainly used for screen drawing, especially suitable for overprint screen, high-precision single and double-sided circuit board, suitable for four-color high-precision screen
  • manual silk screen printer
  • Model Number: GE-MP6090
  • platform size(mm):600*900MM
  • Max printing size : 450*775mm
  • ower(V/KW):750W/220V
  • Machine process: Loading-Etching-Cleaning-squeeze-Unloading
  • Stainless steel countertop with suction pump, suitable for various flat color overlay screen printing, featuring strong suction, easy operation, and precise positioning.
  • Manual screen printing machine full size
  • Model Number: GE-JM650W
  • Power: 4.7KW/380V
  • Print size:maximum 1500*2500mm
  • Table size: 1600*2600mm
  • This machine is primarily used to apply photosensitive ink onto the surface of metal sheets or to print patterns or characters, facilitating subsequent etching processes.x