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PCB Solder Mask coating machine

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Features: Sealed using the latest design and integration machine body design, to ensure the roller equitability ; Lamination roller is heat-resistant silicone, moderate hardness, especially for laminate soft and hard board; Big diameter lamination roller heat more quickly, evenly and working life longer, accurately control of laminated roller surface temperature.

Use:The Dry Film Photoresist Laminator is used for the lamination of photosensitive film and solder mask on PCB or other substrates. dry film roll laminator Pressure and speed can be adjusted according to different materials.

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Process flow: dry film roll laminator → exposure → developing → baking /drying → etching → stripping dry film

Main technical parameter:
PCB dry film photoresist laminator,PCB Dry Film Laminator
Power:AC220V/ 50/60HZ/15A
Foundation plate size:Long:250~610mm
Width:250~ 650mm
Dry Film Size:Width:250~610mm
Electricity Heater:2KW/AC220V ; 2PCS
Heat-press roller Diameter:¢78mm * 2PCS
Press film temperature:50℃-150℃±2℃Adjustable
Air Pressure system:3-5kg/ c㎡
Exhaust system:12㎡/min, ¢4″×1
Outsize/ Weight Long:830mm×Width 1125mm×High 1520mm
Machine Weight:220kgs



  • Semi-Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine for solder mask
  • max printing area :500*700mm
    Size of printing table: 600*900mm
    max size of screen frame :700*1100mm
    Max printing speed: 1000(PCS/H)
    Printing Thickness:≤50mm
    Air pressure: 4.0~6.0 kfg/c㎡
    Rated voltage/Power :380V/50HZ /2KW