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PCB board cutting machine

PCB board cutting machine

PCB board cutting machine Video


Performance Features : PCB board cutting Machine usage :Cutting Aluminum PCB and FR4, Cardboard, fiberglass, bakelite raw material for matching size.

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Main Features

1. Multi-knife cutting up and down, precise size, convenient knife adjustment.

2. Frequency driver control transmission speed

Main technical parameter:

Model :GE-1400GJ

Machine size: L2000*W1310*H1300 (length * width * height)

Working height: 750MM

Machine weight: 1.5 tons

Power requirements: Three-phase power supply requires ground wire

power: 4kw

Working substrate thickness: 0.12-3.0 (mm)

Tool specifications: D200*d150*t16

Tool thickness: 16mm
Tool speed: 45 rpm

Cutting speed: 0-15 m/min

Cut board size Width: 120mm-1.4m Length: 200mm-1.6m

Aluminium PCB board cutting Machine,FR4 cutting machine,PCB board cutting machine


  • Electric Shearing Machine
  • Model: GE11G-3*1300
  • Maximum cutting thickness : 5mm
  • Cutting angle(°):1°30′
  • size :1000/1300/1600mm/2000mmwidth
  • This machine adopts steel welding structure, has the advantages of simple structure,convenient operation, beautiful appearance,low energy consumption, apply to PCB ,metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware and other 0.1~5.0mm of ordinary steel plate processing shear.
  • Manual Metal Shearing Machine
  • Model: GE11A*1300
  • Maximum cutting thickness : 1.5mm
  • size :700/1000/1300mm width
  • Packing size (cm):140x76x115
  • N.W./G.W. (kg):365/410
  • The Manual shear is with both front and back gauge;High carbon and chrome steel blade;
  • Used for mild steel aluminum copper, brass zinc plastic and leads.
  • Manual PCB board cutter
  • Model: GE11A-1*400
  • Max cutting width:400mm
  • Cutting thickness:0.1-2 mm
  • Size: 420*400*130mm
  • weight:20kg
  • This machine is applied in cutting circuit board, as well as those sheets that made of aluminum, iron, copper, or plastic.