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PCB UV curring machine

PCB UV curring machine

Features:PCB UV curring machine for Ink drying after screen-printing to fit the big production quantity needs. Mainly used in metal processing industry and printing industry.

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1.Simple operation, stable performance

2.Automatic homothermal control at normal temperature to 150 degree Celcius.

3.Uniform temperature and stable cycling of hot air prevents the plate from deformation.

4.Stainless steel framework without any vitiation to the plate

5.The heater element arrangement is reasonable, the energy consumption is low

6.The temperature can be adjusted be automatic digital system

7.Custom-designed for any size

8.Timely service, one year warranty, life-long maintenance 9.Provide free training for customers in any places.

Main technical parameter:
Model: GE-UD700
Temperature:RT to 200°C
Drying size:650mm in width, Length is unlimited
Drying type: UV curring
This UV curring Machine is for drying photoresist ink and priting ink use .This machine can dry large sizes 4*8 feet .

UV drying machine

UV curring Machine
UV drying machine

UV curring Machine
UV curring Machine