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Solder Tin Coating Machine

Solder Tin Coating Machine

Features:1、Automatic temperature control system,automatic display; 2、Automatic pressure control system,not get fixed pressure,each work can't start; 3、The adjusting range of rising/falling speed and pressure is big,high efficiency; 4、Substrate Tin coating is uniform; 5、Install emergency stop button.

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Machine Structure: 1、Machine body and Tin tank is made by Japan Cr18Ne9Ti stainless steel material. 2、Air knife: 2 units for up and down;with non-scaling steel, resist high temperature; 3、Heater: Silicon Carbide far infrared platen heater, 8 pieces, 2.5KW/Piece; 4、Agitate pump: Stainless steel material,1 set; 5、High quality of all the electrical apparatus element,long service life.

Main technical parameter:
1)Max board Size: 610×540×6mm
2)Produce Capacity: 250~300 pieces /hour
3)Tin Tank Capacity: 200kg
4)bleed Pressure: 8kg
5)Air knife Pressure: 5㎏/c㎡(adjust)
6)Working temperature: 230-280℃(adjust)
7)Hot Wind Temperature: 150-260℃(adjust)
8)Dip Tin Temperature: 0-20 second(adjust)
9)Trim Temperature: 0-20 second(adjust)
10)Power : 36KW
11) Power Supply: A.C238V.50HZ
12)Machine Size: 1550×800×2100mm

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